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The faith we live by in this church searches for truth in our own individual hearts, in our own life experiences, in the many faith traditions and philosophies that nurture us, in the explorations of science. Ours is not a blind faith: It is based neither on creeds, the scriptures of any particular religion, the pronouncements of a church hierarchy, nor the words of any single person. Rather, we submit our beliefs to the test of knowledge, reason, and compassion. Our faith aims to treat all humans irrespective of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religious belief with caring and respect. Ours is a faith of deeds and commitment to building humane character and love for the natural world. It is a faith of the free mind and the loving heart.


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Reverend Tim Barger

Before Halloween, let's do some exploring related to that haunting time. Is there a Unitarian Universalist acknowledgment of ghosts?

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Eating & Drinking in India

Katie Kunz-Wineland

Eating and Drinking in India: The Sacramentality of Everyday Life - Spiritual Insights from My Travels in India. Join us for a sacred journey through India's two southernmost states. We hear stories from Ms. Kunz-Wineland about generous hospitality, unforgettable food and drink, and encounters with the holy in unexpected places.

Katie Kuntz-Wineland is an Aspirant for Unitarian Universalist ministry and the Student Minister at North Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Lewis Center, Ohio. She is currently in her final semester of seminary at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio (MTSO), and is a proud graduate of Bluffton University. She makes her home in Delaware, OH with her wife, Beth, and their sweet rescue beagle, Lucy.

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Reverend Tim Barger

Atonement, penitence, compassion, forgiveness - all these words and actions that are linked to religious resolve. How do Unitarian Universalists give credence to that aspect of faith?

Click the Services link for the audio of the service (10-9-2016)

This New Year

Rev. Tim Barger
Recognizing Rosh Hashanah and the many new years humans mark. Is it time to make a new resolution, or revive earlier ones that have fallen away? 
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Memorial Service - Laura Lago


They drew a circle that shut me out

Heretic, Rebel, a thing to flout

But love and I had the wit to win

We drew a circle that took them in

-- Edwin Markham

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Fall Gathering

Five Unitarian Churches of Northwest Ohio
On this Sunday we come together with other UU Congregations to celebrate fall.
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Defying the Nazis - Sharp's War

Naomi Twining
Naomi Twining will share fascinating stories behind the heroic service of Reverend Waitstill Sharp and his wife Martha during the terrible days of World War II. Naomi is a founder of the ACLU in Toledo and has been an advocate for justice for all people for a long and exciting life. Her writing reveals little known experiences discovered during her scholarly historical research and discovery. Can these early learnings be applied to our management of the millions of immigrants now separated from their homelands by war and oppression?
Click the Services link for the audio of the service (9-18-2016)

Service Info

Our worship services are held each Sunday at 11:00 a.m.  We offer many opportunities to engage in fellowship directly after service in our Fellowship Hall. We have Lifespan Faith Development programs for children and adults September through May.  We will be glad to see you here!


First Unitarian Church of Toledo
3205 Glendale Avenue
Toledo, OH 43614-2423

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