Church Building Guidance

Toledo Unitarians

Revised 2021

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If you are SICK – PLEASE stay home! This includes if you have a fever, unusual cough, or any of the other symptoms on the CDC guidance for COVID-19.

Please take your temperature before you come to the church, for whatever reason/day you are coming. If you have a fever, please stay home. If you have been exposed to Covid-19, you should be quarantined and not come until 10 days have passed.

If you discover you are sick with COVID after having attended a service or meeting, please let the church office or the minister know so that we can inform others.

MASKS covering mouth and nose must be worn at all times inside the building by adults. For children, follow the CDC guidelines (no masks for the very young, etc.). There are disposable and reusable masks available if you forget to bring one. If you take a reusable mask, it becomes yours. Please take it with you when you leave.

SMALL GROUP ACCESS is available. Small groups are 15 or fewer people. Group leader should certify that all attendees are vaccinated. Physical distancing is highly recommended. We recommend that groups meet in Fellowship Hall to maintain distance. NO FOOD OR DRINK INSIDE THE BUILDING.

SCHEDULING and BUILDING ACCESS – A small group MUST schedule with Carol S. in the office. This way we can make sure someone in your group has the building code for key box and alarm access. Also so our security team knows who that is.

SIGN IN – There is a sign in sheet in the main entrance foyer. If you use the alarm code to enter the building, you MUST sign in. Failure to do this may result in revocation of privilege to have the alarm code. If you come to a small group meeting inside the church, please sign yourself in. Staff are requested to sign in if coming in outside of usual work hours. Members who would like to be contacted in the event that we discover someone with COVID has attended a service (when we start them up in person again) may sign in so that we know who to contact.

COFFEE HOUR will be held outside for now. Bring your own beverages for now. NO FOOD OR DRINK INSIDE THE BUILDING.

BATHROOM – One person in the bathroom at a time. Wash your hands. For small groups, rather than one short break where everyone rushes, allow for sequential breaks.