December 18, 2022:

Take Control of Your Camera & Create the Pictures You Want
with Tom Sheehan

Often, you can get very good pictures with a digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) just by leaving it on “Auto” and letting the camera’s computer choose all the settings. But there are other times when you want a special effect. Maybe you want to blur the background (or keep it sharp). Maybe you want every drop in a river’s white water to be stopped midair, sharp and clear, or maybe you prefer to give that river a cotton-candy look. And there may be times when the light conditions confuse your camera’s computer.

For example, you take a picture of someone outside, the background is bright but the person you’re photographing comes just a dark silhouette. These are the kinds of topics — in addition to a little technical background (aperture, shutter speed & ISO and how they relate to each other) — that will be in a Spiritual Forum session in Fellowship Hall. The information will be general and apply to any make of DSLR.