Our Mission

Interested in Becoming a Member of our Beloved Community?

As discussed in more detail below, membership brings you into full relationship with other members of our Beloved Community.  Particpation in The New UU program is encouraged before taking the step to membership but is not mandatory.  If you are interested in making a commitment to membership, please speak to President Terry Acocks, or a member of the Compass Committee.

Membership is a convenantal relationship with our beloved community.

While members are those who have authority to help govern the congregation, the most important part of being a member is the convenantal relationship with our members in beloved community.  It is a commitment to be part of a religious community and to support that community.  It is also a personal commitment that reflects a theological vision: namely, a sense of the fundamentally interdependent, or covenantal, nature of existence. Being in community as a member, then, is not incidental to being a Unitarian Universalist, but intrinsic and inescapable. 

Exploration Series

Whether you are a new visitor or a seasoned congregant, any church can seem to be a maze of committees, paperwork, expectations, and people. Unitarian Universalists tend to be people naturally full of questions, and our ministry of hospitality calls us to guide others in finding connections along their individual spiritual path. We are here to point you toward answers throughout the spectrum of involvement, to act as a "compass."

Compass Committee members are Melanie Christiansen, Abigail Humphreys, Jewel Barger, and Carla Loganmercer.

Should you have questions or need further information about how our church works, please email membership@uutoledo.org  We will gladlyhelp you find the answers.

We welcome you to join us at the Visitor's Table during coffee hour after service.

Follow our weekly UU-FYI e-newsletter for coming details.

We have begun offering a four-part series for seekers called "The New UU." These will be scheduled on demand, so please let us know if you are interested in participating. Each workshop lasts about 90 minutes. The UUA.org Website describes the program as providing "important tools to help congregations welcome, orient, and integrate newcomers into their faith communities." Participation for the entire series is recommended but not necessary. 

Subscribing to our Facebook Page events is the best way to be notified of all upcoming events.

Our committee meets  the first Wednesday morning of each month at 9:30 am at the church.

Membership Governance

Members govern the congregation.

Historically Unitarian Universalists have affirmed a style of governance called "congregationalism," "the congregational way," or"radical congregational polity." In other words, each congregation governs itself, calls its own minister, and raises its own funds. 

Our denomination, the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), is a voluntary association of independent, self-governing congregations.  

This form of governance affirms the moral and spiritual values that we believe this form of governance expresses and sustains by its very nature.   Central among these values is the freedom of people to form self-determining, egalitarian, and democratic religious communities. If we are deeply committed to congregational polity, it is because its beliefs and values are central to our liberal faith.

How does membership work?

The Constitution and By-laws of the First Unitarian Church of Toledo (which were written and approved by its members) define a member as: “any person aged at least eighteen years of age who has signed the membership book ... and who has made an annual financial commitment of record ... in accordance with the UUA’s Financial Commitment guidelines but in no event in an amount less than that to be determined by the Board as the minimum amount necessary to cover membership affiliation costs for the UUA (Unitarian Universalist Association), the CER (Central East Region),and other membership expenses.”

To become a member, applicants are encouraged to “consult with the Director of Religious Education, or a member of the Board of Trustees about the heritage of Unitarian Universalism, its principles, and the responsibilities of commitment to the Congregation and is encouraged to attend the Congregation’s religious education program leading to membership.”

The religious education program leading to membership is offered by the Compass Committee several times each year and is called the "The New UU." Applicants may sign the membership book privately or membership signings are held during worship service several times each year.

Any member of the Congregation can provide more insight into the joys of membership. 

Membership Committee

The Compass Committee
(Hospitality & Membership)

Compass meets on the first Wednesday morning of each month at the church.  If you are interested in supporting the committee, please contact membership@uutoledo.org or a committee member. Whatever your level of commitment, we welcome and appreciate your support. While some may wish to commit to a two-year term of leadership, others are better fit for one-time event hosting, teaching a specific class, or something in between. 

Mission of the Compass Committee

The mission of the First Unitarian Church of Toledo's Compass Committee is to connect visitors and congregants to  programs that encourage sustainable growth of our congregation in membership,spiritual  depth, and inter-connectedness.

Please also join us during coffee hour after the service at the specially-designated Visitors Table in Fellowship Hall--just look for the big green table sign.